Team Badger refutes the top ten myths
supporting the badger cull in England

These are the claims made by Government in England, farmers
and others and are refuted.

Claim One:

You can only get rid of bTB by addressing the disease in wildlife.

Claim Two:

The reduction in bTB cases in cattle in the Republic of Ireland shows that a culling policy works.

Claim Three:

Case studies from the USA and New Zealand show that a cull of the wildlife reservoir is necessary.

Claim Four:

The legal protection of badgers has coincided with the recent rise in bTB.

Claim Five:

There continues to be a rise in bTB in cattle.

Claim Six:

It is difficult to control the movement of animals.

Claim Seven:

Badgers that are infected with the disease suffer so culling badgers will improve their welfare.

Claim Eight:

Many scientists support the badger culls.

Claim Nine:

It is cheaper to cull than to vaccinate badgers or introduce better biosecurity.

Claim Ten:

Badger vaccination is impractical.


The top ten claims supporting badger culling have been
addressed in this report and shown to be wanting.

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