Who are
“The Activists”?

Birmingham - Thursday, 28 February 2013 - 10.40 a.m.

We are Ordinary People

We are all across the UK and beyond and we are determined to bring some common-sense to the dreadful conflicts over bTB by calling for badger vaccination now and cattle vaccination as soon as possible.

We are the people................

who have regularly supported local “Farmers Markets” – up until now!

who shake their heads as farmers take in millions of Euros in EU subsidies year, after year, after year.

who watch the wealthy large-scale farmers drive past in their 4x4 vehicles and wonder why the NFU does so little for, and remains so silent over, the plight of marginal sheep farmers in our Celtic fringes.

who have witnessed outbreak, after outbreak, of deadly animal diseases which, in so many cases, have been caused by poor animal care and husbandry.

who witness the often oafish behaviour of farmers quaffing champagne in the agri-business hospitality tents at County Shows.

who want their children and grandchildren to grow up in a countryside rich in wildlife, not in a barren slaughterhouse where the farmers have moved on to “culling” every other wild species after they realise that eradicating badgers didn’t solve the problem.

who realise that tourism will totally vanish in the counties where culls are proposed – the end for roadside farmers produce stalls and tea rooms. (And we realise this because we are the people who are already cancelling annual holidays in Somerset and Gloucestershire).

who are baffled that these culls are still being proposed by an obstinate Government after all the independent scientific evidence against them.

who are truly distressed by the intemperate, obscene and threatening language now being used on social media sites by so many pro-cull “activists”. That this approach does their cause little service is small consolation; has the level of public debate in the UK really fallen so low that the best they can do is call other people “vermin”?

who believe that mankind can and should do better than the random slaughter of iconic creatures.

We are the people – we are “the activists” who have encouraged thousands of people to join us in signing e-petitions protesting against the culls as opposed to fewer than 100 people who have signed pro-cull e-petitions.

We are the people – and we will be there, peacefully, in our hundreds and thousands, to bear enduring witness to your slaughter of our badgers if the government doesn’t wake up, listen to science and cancel the culls.

We are the people – and you haven’t heard from us properly yet!

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